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  1. Damsel In Distress!

    u were right about the time wasters! got my hopes up with the one bid -tradecarsltd...sounded like a company but didn't contact me after auction ended. sent invoice and 2 messages. really frustrating as I really need it to go. I've had it MOT'd and serviced as well now. I've put it on Autotrader :(
  2. Rear Fog Light Mot Question

    The passenger side is just a reflector I checked with Ford and the place I'm getting mine MOT'd because mines damaged and because I thought it was a light I thought I would have to replace it, but turns out its just a reflector and would pass with an advisory :)
  3. Damsel In Distress!

    I started the bidding a 7500 because that's the least I would want and someones placed a bid at that price so hopefully it might go for more. got 5 watchers. we will see what happens - its worth more so hopefully. + I'm spending a couple of hundred getting it serviced and MOT'd.
  4. Damsel In Distress!

    someones already bidded :)
  5. Damsel In Distress!

    yeah its £35 fixed. ive put it on there. hope it goes. thanks for all your help really appreciate it. x
  6. Damsel In Distress!

    do you think its worth an auction from £7500?
  7. Damsel In Distress!

    Thank you :)
  8. Damsel In Distress!

    thanks maybe I'll try ebay. I've not put it on autotrader but on other free websites. did u try autotrader? I'm asking for £7500. which apparently is way under what its worth, but I'm not sure. any ideas? I didn't check the part exchange value as they said it would be way under what I would expect.
  9. Damsel In Distress!

    Hey all, I've got a 10plate Ford Fiesta Zetec S (white) 3dr with the "Individual" blue leather interior and a whole load of extras including the bluetooth, trip computer, automatic wipers/lights, USB, heated windowscreen, (I think 17") alloys, folding electric wingmirrors, 39300 miles, just about to get a service on it and stick an MOT on it for good measure. I cant sell the damn thing!!! the dealers keep saying thats its a really "special"/"saught after" car but wont give me a reasonable price for it and ive had no interest privately. I desperately need to sell it as I have a baby now and 3drs are not practical and I want to clear the finance so I can buy a 5dr. Any ideas of anywhere/anyone who would be interest? Its a cracking car and I would keep it if I didnt have my little fella. Any help would be very appreciated! Sophi
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums GingerSoph :)

    1. GingerSoph


      Thanks! I've joined because I need help!! (with the car that is)