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  1. Engine Issues

    Thanks for the response - I'll check the battery tonight. Fixed rust hole by filler cap just before this started happening (fiberglass and filler in hole, waxoyl spayred in rear panel and around filler cap) i wonder if this has affected some electrics
  2. Engine Issues

    Hi all - just hoping someone could share some wisdom on this.. Basically my Ka judders when the engine is cold - seems to be getting worse to the extent that today it almost completely lost power and stalled, but was then fine. It's strange - feels fine pulling out of drive, but then when I put it into 2nd/3rd it begins to loose power and dies - but after a few minutes is completely fine...anyone had something similar? For the record its 05, 50k miles cheers Luke
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums thebadger7 :)