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  1. Zetec S Badge Position

    Hey ppl. Got a 12 plate fiesta zetec s and I noticed iv got no zetec s badge. I have got the badges, but I just wanted to know if anyone has the measurements from the bottom and side of the boot? I'm a bit of a perfectionist. :)
  2. Front suspension problems - MK7

    Hi. I have a 12 plate zetec s which has just done this on way home from work. Thought front wheels had come off. Only done 2000 miles so should I take it to the garage and complain. Want some new illuminated door sills u reckon they'll throw them in. Haha
  3. Footrest & Illuminated Doorsills

    Found them £292 from ford How simple are they to fit ??? If its cheap enough is it worth gettin them fitted?
  4. Footrest & Illuminated Doorsills

    Hi Just wandering where u get these sills from Look brilliant n I want to get some
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Turner_92 :)