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  1. Rear Fog Light Change

    Thanks for the adivce i guess my sundays free now lol
  2. Rear Fog Light Change

    So if Ford have offered to change it for £30 (as i have the part already) it sounds like a good idea to let them fiddle with it!!!
  3. Rear Fog Light Change

    Sounds like fun then lol Especially as its just turned cold :( Would point out that its drivers side so dont think the exhaust will casue an issue Thanks for the advice
  4. Rear Fog Light Change

    Hi Been a victim oof supermarket parking and someone has hit the drivers side rear fog light. The unit needs replacing and the old one was hit so badly i had to pull it off to save it falling off. Now i have purchased the spare but would like some help/advice on fitting easy is it etc where are the screws located. Model is Fiesta MK7 58 plate Thanks in advance :)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Mutlyhehe :)