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  1. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    Anyone used an EGR cleaner is it any good I remember changing the turbo and inlet manifold of my mk1 focus and it was THICK with gunk hard to believe a 150ml spray can could remove it ?
  2. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    Thanks for the offer mate but got one of fleebay for a £10
  3. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    You were spot on mate split hose cheers
  4. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    Forgot to mention when i put the foot down you hear a rush of air in cabin as if the blower motor is on (This is with the blower motor off ) any ideas ?
  5. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    I bought it from Arnold Clark 1.8 TDCI Ghia forgot to say the sony cd player is not as good as the Ford 6000 cd on my mki
  6. 2007 1.8 Tdci Ghia

    I got about 130 miles for £20 of diesel in MKI Get about 110 miles for £20 in MKII Its noisier (no soundproofing) sounds like a transit van My own fault for buying it without a test drive Asumed it would be as good as MKI that i had for 10 years and loved it
  7. Anyone else think the MKii focus is a piece of !Removed! compared to the MKi ?