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  1. Hi all, A few of the bulbs in my center brake light strip have gone, been out to change them and I am not sure how to remove the bulb unit??? I tried to take the plastics off on the inside of the boot lid but they seem impossible to remove....any ideas? cheers
  2. Hi, Has anyone here actually removed the aircon pump from a mk4 monde', asking as I am going to swap ours over in the morning and wondering what kind of a job it is?
  3. Hi, yeah the system is full, we took it for a recharge thinking it needed it but the guy said it was full and probably the compressor gone awol as he said they go normally at around 80 to 90k ish
  4. Hi all, My aircon compressor seems to have packed up, I have ordered a new one, can anyone give me a brief walk thru and time frame on how to change it? thanks
  5. Hi all, My aircon compressor seems to have packed up, I have ordered a new one, can anyone give me a brief walk thru and time frame on how to change it? thanks
  6. many thanks for that :-)
  7. Hi all, I have ordered a new n/s fog light off ebay, it has arrived and is clearly not the right one as it is too small, they have asked me what bulb mine takes (2007 mk 4 mondeo tit x 2.0 TDCI), added a pic if anyone knows? Wont be able to remove it until the weekend why Im asking ;-)
  8. well, serviced the new to me monde today, the sump plug took me over an hour of messing around to get it un-seized, I actually thought I was going to round the torx fitting out,so stuck with the 8mm hex key and ended up shocking it a few times both ways and it eventually cracked undone, defo not a job to be rushed if yours is seized come next service! The car had the eml light on when I brought it and the code was for the DPF. After changing the oil etc, I shimmied back a bit to take a look at the DPF and as expected,it was one of the two vacuum pipes that was not only perished but hanging free of the DPF altogether, another length of pipe later and all is good with the atmosphere once more :-) Whilst I am at this, is it at all worth cleaning the EGR valve, or blanking it even? I blanked my old tdci 1.8 mk3 at low-ish miles and it still runs perfectly at 150 so question is , is it something to do or leave it be? cheers.....
  9. yes, that's the stuff, it's a bit pricier than normal pipe (£7 per meter), it should have "fuel system" etc printed on it too.
  10. I used injector/fuel feed pipe....high temperature stuff, will check it in a week or so and see how it's holding up?
  11. Did the final bit of the service this morning, fuel filter........couldn't start the car for over an hour due to air in the system, I had to physically hand pump (bulb type pump) for well over half an hour to get the air out.then decided to leave it alone for a bit to settle, off I went for another couple of minutes and the air vanished and it started pretty much straight away, having left it for half an hour I am gathering that with the filter being new that it doesn't soak thru with diesel for a while and probably holds air inside until it time I do it I will pump for 5 minutes and leave for an hour or so to settle.
  12. yeah, always good to get feedback from the original post. I was told to ask you about cam belt water pump change Ian, any idea how long it takes?
  13. Having had the same problem with my DPF, I went under the car today and found that one of the two vacuum hoses had perished and fallen off, I put a new hose on and all is good now........THIS IS A VERY COMMON PROBLEM AND FIX ! check your vacuum pipes before buying any snake oil or another DPF.
  14. BOF,I brought the car with the following faults.... Driver door electric window/multi function console was not working ....fixed a broken wire in the "A" post to door connector ,now all working. EML light was on.....brought a new scanner and it pointed at the DPF, it turned out to be a perished and hanging off vacuum hose, replaced and all good now. The convers screen says, alarm service needed.....I haven't had time to remove the battery back up sounder behind the passenger wing as yet and when I do I will get a new battery off ebay and re-solder in, since I turned the interior alarm sensor off on the convers the battery has not gone flat again at all so I am hoping that the battery drain I had is connected to the alarm sounder not working/charging ?