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  1. Mondeo Insurance

    Chris Knott Insurance Been with them for the last 5 years or so. Will always match any best quote I send them. I think it's about £350 for my 2009 Tit X fully comp.
  2. 96 1.6 16V Zetec Cold Start Issues

    Thanks for your replies. It went in the garage today and one of the vacuum pipes had split, it's also had a full service, so lets see how it starts tomorrow. :)
  3. Morning all Have the model listed in title. When starting the car from cold it will start with the first turn of the key, but unless the revs are kept just above idle, the engine will cut out. It then takes 3 or 4 long turns of the starter to get it to start again. Once warmed ( after only a 2 min drive) the car runs happily. I was thinking perhaps an Automatic choke problem maybe? Is there anything I can check? Car is in garage next week for a service too. Thanks all.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Drsarf :)