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  1. RT @WHUFC_News: !Removed! disgusting football club @ChelseaFC

  2. It's the fcuking @SeattleYachtClb. Mates band. Check em out, I might get a wham bar out of it. Or at least 20p. #woools

  3. Lancaster : so cold it won't snow, what a place. #noteventrying

  4. So the world has no money, and the lottery decides to double its price to £2, and half most of the prizes? Bargain. #Mayans #were #right

  5. "@RobChan91: @mattcronin2 LULZ. i wanted to rt but your tweets are protected hahaGay. Com" <--- your home Page.

  6. There's a pram on this buzz (bus) which is branded "Quinny" @Deanna_morgan @metcala @sthompson5 @a_swinner10 @TomDaleIKT

  7. Welcome to the Ford forums mrc2901 :)

  8. If I wanted to buy a new tv box or a 'dench' phone case, I would go to a shop. Not twitter. #stopTryingToSellStuffToMe