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  1. Hi, There is the seat with mounts and there is the mounts on the floor with seat slider support. The thing that connects both is called the console (at least that's what we call it here). The benefit is that a seat vendor would not have to produce seats for every make and model, but would just fit one seat into those using specific consoles. If you are looking for a replacement seat you will have to make sure the matching console is available for it. The StreetKa has the same seat mount as the Ka. The color is the stock Orange one. I think Ford used a different name for it in each country.
  2. The inside of the roof is made from rubber. If it is physically intact there is no way water cold make it to the inside. That's actually the reason why the StreetKa roof does not require any roof treatment other then for cosmetic reasons. If the rubber fabric is scratched or perforated, there is no roof treatment that could help you with it. Which place you observe the drops, precisely?
  3. I've swapped mine for Recaro PolePositions. The standard console mount put's the seat up into about what normally is max height. But there is a smaller console available I think, though I did not try it.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums CoreForce :)