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  1. To change the text to blue click on the toggle switch on the top left-hand corner of the formatting toolbar.
  2. Just how reliable are these 'Quickclear' windscreens, I must admit I'm !Removed! annoyed! I bought a new Fiesta in 2002. The first winter I used it about 10 times and it was OK. The following winter when I put it on it only worked across a third of the windscreen. I had it replaced under warranty but didn't use need to use it for a couple of years as I'd got a company van to drive. When I did eventually use it there were sections all across the screen that weren't working. I didn't bother having it replaced again. I bought a new Fiesta in March 2012 and, on the second time I used it, there was a narrow section on the passenger side that wasn't working. I'd asked the salesman when I bought it about these windscreens and he told me they never had any problems with them. I just wondered if they were all faulty - you'd think, after 26 years, Ford would have got them right.
  3. Thanks for the info. This was also starting to annoy the hell out of me too. I prefer the car to react to my actions not to do things automatically.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Reiver :)

    1. Reiver


      Hi Steve. Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to getting to know my Fiesta better from listening to the guys on the forum.