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  1. Fiesta Durashift Problems

    You may have got this sorted by now, but it is possible that it is the actuators. Do you get two dashes in the gear display when you turn the ignition on?
  2. Fiesta Durashift Problems

    Hi everyone, After having problems with my Ford Fiesta, duratec semi automatic, I can report that it is back on the road today and is driving as new. It did not cost me anywhere as much as fords had quoted and I am very happy.
  3. Fiesta Durashift Problems

    Thanks for the reply Dan62. I will shortly be removing the components and will report back my findings.
  4. Fiesta Durashift Problems

    Has anyone tried the posted fix in relation to the shift actuator? and does anyone know how easy it is to remove the clutch actuator and when putting it back in place know how to bleed it? Surely we have got to learn how to repair these component failures as the posted fix implies, as Ford's do not seem to mind how much they can extract from our pockets. The only problem I see when we have restored the components to good use is having to get Ford's or someone to reprogram via IDS if the components fail to communicate with each other. I see this less of an issue as some one in Ford's has told me this can be done and it does not cost a arm and a leg like the components.
  5. Fiesta Durashift Problems

    There seems to be a lot of problems with these Duratecs semi automatics. I have a 1.4 2005 reg. Had the shift motors replaced 2 years a go. The car started playing up again 2 weeks ago, not starting. Towed it to fords who put it on their IDS. Fords told me that it would need a new TCM and if that didn't work other parts would be necessary. Could end up with a bill for over. 2k. I said I might as well scrap the car. Fords admitted to me that their boxes are a load of junk. Right now I am sitting with a load of junk on my drive. Only 35k on the clock. Exploring other options such as removal instructions of the clutch actuator and the shift motors, so that I can source replacements at hopefully 25% of fords costs.
  6. Introduction

    Hi members, just wanted to say hello to all.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Macey :)