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  1. Focus 08 Estate Problems With Dpf

    Ah right ok,cheers might try give it a go,but have found an online shop selling dpf for just under 200 quid, Thanks for the info will repost if I can get it sorted
  2. Focus 08 Estate Problems With Dpf

    Hi thanks for that,where would the eloys tank be in my car,can't get rid of the fault code or the limp mode at the mo so a good thrash down the motorway might not be an option unfortunately,is that dpf cleaner stuff any good?
  3. Hi there I'm new to this site,wondering if anyone can help,my car has gone into limp mode and got engine malfunction warning on,also am getting fault code p242f which have tried resetting and is to do with the dpf being blocked or a problem with the sensors,is it possible to remove the dpf and clean it or replace it and the sensors? Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Mark
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Markelj123 :)