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  1. It does it in all gears but does try to pull away I can't do owtat the min with all the snow
  2. cheers for the warm welcome guys :D
  3. its got a good clutch its biting in normal place when it does bite thats why im thinking driveshaft but somone has also said it could be the master cylinder on the gear box what ever that is but for it to acualy bite and select gears perfectly is still making me think drive shaft as i said the passenger side has been replaced so only driver side left to replace
  4. it was driving but suddly stoped while it was driving its sound like a grinding noise asif the driveshaft isnt biting it wasnt trying to move or anythink so i replaced the passenger side driveshaft and its biting better but still not quite anough it pulls away if i try to realy slow but if i try and put abit more speed into it it slips i was wondering wether the drivers side has gone and when it was jacked up to fix the passenger side its like poped the drivers side bk in a bit as the speedo goes up and selects gears fine
  5. i have bought a mondeo estate just before xmas the old owner had a new gear box fitted but now when i try pull away the car ont drive it is biting as u can feel it trying to drive but then makes a horrible noise and wont move does anyone have any idea what it could be
  6. thought id pop on and say hi just trying to get a little help i have got a mondeo estate when i put it in gear it tryed to pull away but them makes a horrible noise any ideas :S please help me
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums mondeotroubles :)