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  1. The Mondeo from 2001 till 2006 only has a chain. The TDCI has a Duplexchain
  2. What page is ? I can´t find spareparts there. On piper performance exhaustis no Dupley system.
  3. i`m looking for a Duplex system for my Focus MK1 1,6. but in Germany it´s very difficult to find something.
  4. I use 5W40 for my Mondeo and Focus. I bougt it at Praktiker. It´s a german market
  5. 5W30 or 5W40 is okay
  6. Volkswagen is rubbish. Doppelkupplungsgetriebe is always breaking an the engines too. And Volkswagen is expenisve
  7. of course it´s not surprising . but i hate Volkswagen rubbish.
  8. very nice. i like it that the english men loves Ford so much. In germany all the imbeciles drive Volkswagen.
  9. a german Focusdriver drove more than 1000 kilometers with one fuellead
  10. i want the photos in the gallery in my profile
  11. How can i upload photos of my Mondeo
  12. i don´t know what you mean :D I never heard this before. maybe i will come to UK this year to visit my uncle in Dudley
  13. what does the last sentence mean?
  14. Change your oil. take 5w40. i had the same problem on my escort with the same engine. after changing the oil the problem was gone