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  1. Cheers Will definitely try and find out as much as I can. Seen a few and are the 1.8 units.
  2. Hi all. At the moment I have a focus estate but I'm looking at getting a c max. I have had a similar car in the past and really miss the ride hight and other things. Looking at the 1.8 tdci is there anything I should be looking out for or is this a very reliable engine and car. Thanks simon
  3. Just read this post which was very useful and now I think I know the answer to my problem I posted the other week about my cooling fan coming on and mpg dropping. Put it down to the regeneration but how often is the car supposed to regenerate or is it as and when it needs to.
  4. LOL. thinks its from a 1.6 as he told me it would fit my car which is a 1.6 but mine has one fitted so he told me to see what i could get for it. ebay yeah always a good starting point. cheers
  5. hi. my brother has given me a focus engine under tray to sell. ant ideas on what i should be asking for it. thanks
  6. From what I have seen they have groves on them so when it is forced in it grabs and locks in place.
  7. Well managed to get them all off. Just put the 19mm socket over the cover and came straight of. Got a new set all the same size and have just put them on apart from 1 which I have cross threaded so looks like I will be putting a new wheel stud on asap. Has anyone put new whesl studs on. It looks very straight forward but is there anything I should look out for or anything that would make it a bit easier.
  8. Hi all. I have some wheel nut covers on my car and I have tried everything to get them of but no joy. Just thought I would try just incase I get a flat. I also have 4 that don't which isn't a problem. How can I get them of or are there supposed to stay on if so that's strange as there are 19mm and the ones that don't have the covers on are 18mm. Thanks simon
  9. I know which you mean. I got a spare set when I got my roof bars. The spare set had holes in them so the bolts for the roof bars could go through them. Try popping into your local ford shop and see if they have any lying around. Failing that ask how much a spare set would cost.
  10. Cheers thanks. One less thing to worry about lol.
  11. So are you saying that I my have a problem or is it all normal. Sorry just a bit new to all this. Slowly getting there but you have to start somewhere.
  12. Think the best bet is like you both said get the codes wiped and see if any return. But if anyone can shed any light on them it would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. I dont have a code reader. Just used the test mode on the car. I'm just wondering if this is related to my cooling fan which keeps coming on every now and then even though the temp gauge is dead center or just a bit before. I have also noticed it gave me the engine temperature which said 108c but my gauge only showed about 75 yet on the test it showed the dials to be working just fine.
  14. Thanks for the reply stoney. Sorry but witout sounding dumb what dose that mean. Is it a quick fix.