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  1. Frozen White Fiesta (Totally_Wallarized)

    new update: today ordered air ride. It will be installed 30th of june. Greetz
  2. Frozen White Fiesta (Totally_Wallarized)

    Thnx! Yes, i only sprayed the front because i might change my difussor. If i keep my current difussor, i'll spray it in the same black as on front. Yeah, but belgium roads isn't heaven either.. Indeed, i bought the car with the R2 pack. That was these replica side vents and original Ford Wheels sprayed black. I use them now in the winter.
  3. Introduction Totally_Wallarized

    thnx! As you requested, i started a topic: Grtz
  4. Frozen White Fiesta (Totally_Wallarized)

    Hello, Because some members asked to post some more pics and information, i'll start a topic of my Fiesta. I'm from belgium so my english isn't very well, i'm sorry for that. Ford Fiesta MK7 Econetic year 2011 1.6 Econetic 95PK/HP Here is a list of the modifications already done: AP Coilovers with extra short rear springs. Wheels :BBS LM Replica (16" 7j ET25) Ties :Nankang 165/45/16 Us blinker module Xenon head lights 8000k Xenon fog lights 8000k Led parkinglights Led module plate lights Led 'readlight' inside the car. "Fiesta" logo & other garage-ad removed Plate holder without advertisements Pioneer radio (2din) Philips Dap 6040 amplifier Hertz subwoofer Sport Spoiler Front plate holder, mirrors & plastic around the fog lights sprayed in panther black. Wrapped roof in carbon I might have forgotten some things, when i remind something, i will add it on the list. As you can see, i have lowered it as much as i can.. It's beautiful on the outside, but is hard to ride it. I have left about 4cm/2 inches left between ground and car. That's why i might choose for air-ride this summer or next winter.. underground parkings or big city is not done with this car. Also the police don't like it as much as i do ;) Some pics:
  5. Introduction Totally_Wallarized

  6. Introduction Totally_Wallarized

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm 24years old and live in Belgium, I drive a Fiesta Mk7 Frozen white with a few modifications. Grtz
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums totally_wallarized :)