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  1. Painting Alloys?

    Hehe.... Hmmm a first?? Maybe that's because no1 else has been brave enough to do it lol I am a little worried the pink will end up looking Barbie-tack.... Lol maybs have white as the other colour instead?! White wheels, black car?!
  2. Painting Alloys?

    Hmmmm slight mocking there sir??!! Lol I want to highlight my Fez all in pink! Lol like the interior heater surrounds etc.... Loove it!!
  3. Painting Alloys?

    It soooo would!! I wan try the pink out!! Lol looks immense! Just YouTubed it :) I was thinking bout spraying my wheels black, however as a quick fix and alternative having them pink for a while would b cooooool!
  4. Painting Alloys?

    That plasti dip does look pretty epic... Quick colour changes and cheap too!
  5. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    Hmmmm.... My fiesta did NOT enjoy the snow, jus kept wheel spinning until was in the middle of the road lol
  6. My Mk6 Fiesta Black 53'

    See now ur tlkin..... Basically wat u av jus listed is defo half the stuff i intend to do too!! Haha its jus soooo tempting all the possibilities!! Thats the only prob tho the expense.... I defo want to have some of the plastics sprayed too.. Like the air vents, centre console n gear stick surround. Also as my Fez is black, i want to spray the silver surrounds on my lights gloss black too. Do not know how difficult they r to get of tho n access to! Lol
  7. My Mk6 Fiesta Black 53'

    Yeeeeer ur soo right that does look 100% better!! I shall defo b makin that change!! Do u think it would look silly tho havin the facelift lights bt not the actual newer bumpers...... Hmm :-S Ohh and p.s that tutorial wa epic!! So helpful, thats wat this site i awesome for :) thaaaanks to whoever did that! Lol
  8. My Mk6 Fiesta Black 53'

    Hi! Here is my fiesta.... Please dont laugh at how humbly standard she is! Lol i want to do alot more however, first on the agenda is to get a bad-!Removed! ST spoiler :) I have changed the front lights to face-lift ones (they look sooooo much better), pink DMB badges and a fluorescent pink interior light! So simple changes so far..... I would quite like opinions on changing things and what i could do pleease!! Would be great input!! Cheers :)
  9. Hi!

    Hello, hello to you all!! Thanks for the welcomes :) Thaaanks Lenny!! Indeed i have tried this photobucket because i have photos to upload, however i am obv not doing something correctly as it refuses to work!! Lol i shall keep tryig tho! Ahh yes, i found them gel overlays already lol, i have beautiful pink ones :) i loove them... Thank u for ur lovley reply! I shall try and upload pics ASAP (as soon a i can work it out lol)
  10. Aftermarket Usb / Aux

    Hii! I had the same problem when i first brought my Firsta... It had that stupid 3-tier stereo with no aux in port for my iphone to play my music!! I brought a radio transmitter off ebay... Works a treat and sooo cheap!! .... Even comes with a remote lol. Best alternative i found! Liiiink: http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=321004553095&index=1&nav=SEARCH&nid=85890054906 However, this will only work for an iphone/ipod/ipad as it is an 'i' watever connector.... U can also buy aux jack ones too tho :)
  11. Hi!

    Hello to u all, I own a MK6 Fiesta, black edition. I stumbled across this specialist Ford forum when trying to find out about some mods for my Fiesta... So i decided to join as i think it is amazables that the forums share so much info and its so helpful!! So, in introduction, im Abi and i am pleased to be part of this club :)
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Abigaggle :)