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  1. Void Warranty ????

    I have had my car lowered 40mm this week and some nice 17" alloys put on but will this void my warranty? what other things can void your warranty??? :o Mark TDCI
  2. I have a 07reg fiesta zetec s tdci: I am trying to find 40mm lowering springs but i dont know what mark my car is? I have 17" alloys with 205/40/17 tyres on, whats the lowest i can go without the wheels rubbing? Where can i buy lowering springs from any good sites? Also if i lower my car will it void the warranty? Any help appreciated ! MarkTDCI
  3. Knocking coming from the front of the car

    I have the same noise aswell, when the cars idle it rattles like some think is loose. My cars going into ford tuesday ill let you know. I know theres a recall on some fiesta models as theres a faulty nut on same engines??? MarkTDCI
  4. Hey peeps names mark, 21 from brum. I own a Black Fiesta Zetec S TDCI AKA pride n joy. Hopefully i can get some answers and help other people out....... :D