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  1. S-Max Wipers On Permanently

    hey there, i disconnected the battery for 40 mins, reconnected it and the problem was still there. after looking at the manual, i then removed fuse F22. the problem has now stopped.when i replace the fuse with a new one, will the problem return? if it does, is it likely to be a short or as is more likely, a problem due to the alarm that i have been reading about. any advise would be great. all ideas are better than none
  2. S-Max Wipers On Permanently

    Thanks for your replies, will post the outcome. fingers crossed
  3. S-Max Wipers On Permanently

    HI, No I don't have auto's. they have always worked fine until yesterday. I read a thread via google that suggested discounecting the battery for 30 mins. willing to try anything. will go to a car electritian if the battery thing don't work
  4. S-Max Wipers On Permanently

    HELP, my 10 plate s-max front wipers come at max speed when the car hits 25 mph. When i slow down below 25mph they stop again. they will work off the stick when going slow. soon as i speed up, they come at max speed again. And car is out of warrenty. ANY IDEAS?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums zeus1975 :)