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  1. thanks but are they not for a mk3?
  2. Do you have working links to the mk2/2.5 please? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any expertise in installing ford etis 0609? I have managed to install the program and copy over all the patches but im getting the error "you have inserted an older dvd.please insert the latest dvd and restart" Please help!! Thanks
  4. Any ideas where the solenoid is and how to test? Working on ABS is new to me! Cheers
  5. any ideas how to find whats wrong/sort it?
  6. Got to do the front wishbones and rear trailing arm... thats more involved....................
  7. yes its auto but its defiantly a C code not a P
  8. if i reset it doesn't clear! i haven't really noticed any problems with the car, apart from it seems to make the clonk (abs test) randomly sometimes but has done that for the 3 years i have had it
  9. They are all pretty much the same and you will learn how with practice :) These are on a focus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_0S5xVlRRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Z8dh1Mq2M
  10. Hi this should give you the basics :)
  11. Hi im getting the fault code C0700 when i plug my fault scanner in. Can anyone tell me what this means? Many thanks, Mike
  12. Happy Birthday mikeb185!

  13. Anyone??????
  14. Hi all, Was wondering which fuel filters you guys use? I have seen the genuine article but there £17 and seems a bit pricey! Being tight i want a cheap but good filter, any ideas? Cheers (1.6 petrol 2006)
  15. Cheers, Think i will go for the shell oil. every little helps :)