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  1. Hi From Wolverhampton!

    Ok no worries, will do once I get in on the laptop!
  2. Hi From Wolverhampton!

    I know, just my luck every man and his dog would've told me not to buy this motor. Learnt a lesson to research unknown cars (to me)! Really like the ST Mondeo's though, anything I should be looking out for with those?
  3. FOC Age group Poll!

    32, feel like I'm 21 though!
  4. Hi From Wolverhampton!

    Thanks all, had a 1999 Focus a few years back so know they're good solid cars. Can't wait to get of my Megane!
  5. Hi From Wolverhampton!

    Thought I'd join as my next car (end of Feb/start of March) will be a Ford. Either a 2005/6 Focus or Mondeo ST 155 (£3.8k budget). Just on here to find out about both cars and learn what to look for etc.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Johnny Barnes :)