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  1. Have looked into this.....the only zetec s 1.6 tdci which cant be remapped at present is the 95bhp version, I notice on that website this one isnt listed yet either so make sure you get the right one!! The 90bhp versions can be remapped.
  2. Got 2010 fiesta zetec s tdci with the 95bhp engine...I struggle to get BELOW 55mpg no matter how I drive it, If I drive economically I get over 60mpg....I am not naieve enough to rely on the trip computer so tend to work it out at each fill up...by the way I do find the trip computer to be within 5mpg of the actual mpg. I therefore drive normally for the sake of 5 mpg...its much more fun. Was looking at getting a remap but apparently none of this new model have been done yet!!! Unless someone knows different!!!