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  1. Gear Knob Plastic

    Thank's again Stoney! That's the part I'm looking for. Regards, Mark.
  2. Gear Knob Plastic

    http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Genuine-Ford-6-Speed-Aluminium-Gear-Knob-Mondeo-Focus-With-lift-up-reverse-/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjAw/z/noMAAMXQaOVRlfop/$T2eC16h,!zcE9s4g4wCeBRlfop!yO!~~60_12.JPG Thanks for the reply Stoney, above link should show you what im after. Thanks.
  3. Gear Knob Plastic

    Does anyone know where I can get a new plastic insert (centre of gear knob with numbers on it) for my mondeo. It has scratches on it from the previous owner! I have had a look on thief bay but cannot find one! Its the 6 speed with top left reverse.Thanks in advance, Mark.
  4. Thought i would mention this in case anyone else has the same problem, as I know at least 5 people with same thing! It sound like a vibrating panel from the front end ( i first thought it was a ill fitting bonnet or loose bumper!). It turned out to be the screenwash filler neck vibrating against the airfilter tube. (if thats what its called?) I ended up placing some sponge between the two and attaching a lage zippy strap though an already available hole in the front panel (see attached pic). Now i have no annoying vibrating noise and it cost me no cash at all! Oh I trimmed the zippy strap off after taking the pic! Mark.
  5. Sticking Seat Belt

    Sorry for the delay in getting back! Work! I had a good look and it seems the mechanism itself is well jammed! The switch to adjust the height could well have disconnected? Its not a major problem, more one of those annoying niggles! My last car was a Laguna so i'm used to little niggles! Thanks for the replies :) , Mark.
  6. Sticking Seat Belt

    Had a quick look and it seams to be jammed at the top! If it was stuck at the bottom swmbo wouldn't complain as much! :D .
  7. Sticking Seat Belt

    Has anyone had a problem with the seat bent adjuster jamming? My passenger seat belt adjuster has been stuck in the highest position since i got it. When you press the switch to slide it down it will not move! Any ideas if this is fixable or will it need replacing? If replacing, how easy is it to do? Thanks in advance
  8. Nice Clean Car

    I hate my car being dirty! I spend time cleaning and the wife drives it!
  9. Nice Clean Car

    Thought i would post a quick photo of my Mondeo after a couple of hours cleaning! :)
  10. Another Newbie Here!

    Thanks for the welcome. I suspect this forum could become an addiction like other forums i am a member off! :)
  11. Another Newbie Here!

    Hello from another newbie. Thought i would join so i can find out about my new purchase. I have had Fords in the past. Have been over to the "dark side" for the last few years driving a Laguna. My Ford history is: Escort XR3i (1983 A), Sierra 2.0 inj Ghia (1988 E), Fiesta XR2 (1988 E), Mondeo 1.8 LX (2003 03) and my latest vehicle is a Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Ghia (2008). :) Thank's Mark.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Mondy Mark :)