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  1. Thank you stoney
  2. Ill give that a try cheers
  3. Hi all. Got a problem with my 07 focus st. My cigarette lighter has broke and I want to check the fuse, however the fuse diagram in the book does not match the fuse box in the car. It says its fuse 109 but the fuses don't go that high. Any ideas? Thank you
  4. Best change it soon then!!
  5. That's the thing really, it's whether to risk it for as long as possible or get it done earlier on. Mines had a super chips stage 3 upgrade so might have to get it done a little bit earlier than seeing out the full length of time
  6. Got a 2007 focus st and was wondering when it would be due a Cambelt change if at all. It's got less than 50k miles and its a mk2 st3?
  7. Cheers for your help, restores my faith in ford owners again!
  8. It looks like they've been stolen to go straight on another car that must be missing them as they could have taken other stuff just to sell but haven't
  9. It looks like I've been the victim of a theft! Our lass noticed a piece missing off my car but thought it had fallen off in the snow. When I checked a headlight washer cover has been taken along with my front st badge and a round plastic cover on the front bumper. Some nice folk around! Looks like theyve been stolen to go on another st. Has anyone else had this
  10. Ill have to get it in and sorted. Hope they will do it for free then if that's the case. Can't keep pushing it back in forever
  11. Definitely
  12. Ill have to get it looked at and bonded, thankyou
  13. I've noticed now and again that my windscreen rubber seal keeps raising and having to be pushed back now and again on my focus 07 st. Has anyone else had any problem with this. Guess I'm going to have to take it to a ford dealership or a windscreen fitters for them to have a look?
  14. They look good, might have to get some cheers, I think I'll fit them myself!
  15. I've sorted it now cheers, it was wrongly numbered in the book. Thanks for your help