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  1. I have a 2004 Ford Fusion 3, and recently, have noticed that my remote lock buttons don't always work. I've changed the batteries in the key, but was advised that due to the age of the car, the key was probably failing, and should be replaced. Obviously, the cost was in the hundreds - so I'm looking at alternative ways of getting it done. Your help would be appreciated! I have both original Ford keys, and they both still work - so I think I'm able to do the programming for remote locking and the transponder myself. - I have found a key on eBay for £35 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-STYLE-...item1e6d002901) - I think all I need for this is to get the actual key cut. Would I be able to do this in Timpson's, and how much would they charge for it? - This key is pre-cut and around £75 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Flip-...item20d1eb01e9). Out of the two, which key would be more sensible to get? Is it as simple as: buying a key, getting it cut, programming the transponder, programming the remote lock? Or am I missing something? Can I find instructions on all the programming in my manual, or is there anything it's missing out? Basically- help! Help! Help! And thanks :)
  2. Hi all, Another small problem. My glove box and the "top" middle compartment on the dashboard are both "stuck": The top compartment doesn't open by pulling the handle - I need to pull the handle and also push at the back for it to budge. The glovebox, on the other hand, doesn't close! I need to bash it in quite a few times before it sticks. Tips, hints, or general help would be appreciated. :)
  3. I'm intrigued. Does anyone?
  4. Oh, good point! It would be good to have confirmation of whether my F3 should be doing it or not. So many questions... so little time :P
  5. Right. I tried pressing the button multiple times - but the headlights/indicators etc didn't go on. The only thing that happens is when I unlock remotely, the interior lights go on, and when I lock, they dim. But the external lights do nothing at all. What else could this be?
  6. Ah ok. Will see if the headlights come on with two presses on the other buttons then.
  7. Come to think of it - when I open the boot I always seem to need two button presses anyway, so who knows. Might as well try it!
  8. Thanks for the reply! Good news about the blowers; though to be honest ever since this gorgeous sunshine I've not needed them (as much) (touch wood). Re: locking, pressing the button once seems to unlock/lock the full car. I'll try doing the second push to get the lights working, but any other ideas would be appreciated! :)
  9. Hi all, Just a couple of things I've noticed about my Fusion 3 (53 reg) that I wanted to check: - When driving the car first thing in the morning (with the air blower set to 0) I can still feel a (strong) draft coming in through the blowers. Is this normal? I normally have to set the air circulation thing to 'car only', else I'm frozen. - When remote locking the car, should the headlights flick on and off in indication? Mine don't, to the point where I get no visual indicator of the car locking/unlocking. Not sure what's meant to happen here, but if you could enlighten me, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  10. Apparently my hunch was incorrect. I took the car to an auto sparky today, who checked my wire loom between the boot and the car, but he says all the wires look fine, and he cannot detect a fault. It's annoying, because it happens VERY intermittently - and the fault decided not to happen whilst he was testing it. :(
  11. I found this on the manual :) Is this all I need to program the new (cut) key - or is there another step I require an auto locksmith for?
  12. Yes, that's it. :) So once I get my cut key... Can I fully program it using my two keys? Or do I always need an auto locksmith?
  13. Allegedly, you can send them a picture or your key code to get this done..
  14. I've been seeing ebay sellers offering to cut the key before shipping it to you. If I do that, and receive my key, can I program it to the Fusion using my two existing keys (thereby ensuring I have a spare fob)? Or will I still need an auto locksmith to do something else with it?
  15. Hi all, My name's M, and I've just bought a 2004 Fusion 3 after a couple of weeks of intense searching. For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of owning a 1999 Galaxy (called Shannon), but she recently suffered a gearbox failure. :( I'll mostly be posting in the Fusion forum. I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to cars so I will probably be asking for quite some help - please bear with me whilst I get my bearings! Pun fully intended.