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  1. Engine Collapse - 1.6 TDCI (2010) + pics

    Sorry for not getting back to this earlier, I have been so busy with work and ensuring I have a car in the mean time. Also, I didn't receive any notifications or emails for some reason. The car was towed to the local Ford garage and has been there ever since 1st May! Basically, so far all engine mounts and torque restrictors have been replaced. Unfortunately, the passenger side drive shaft was crushed...this is where the delay is. The garage can't get a new drive shaft anywhere, apparently they are also on back order at the factory? I have been told an aftermarket option is there, which is also cheaper, but I don't think it would be worth going for a cheap (but major) part? As the engine is apparently running well, once the drive shaft has been replaced, it can then be test driven. The garage advised the gearbox "looks" ok as there are no cracks or leaks. A concern I have is the deep exhaust sound it made at the time, I hope this is just down to the engine being misplaced without damaging the exhaust. As for cost, I'm yet to be told...dreading to know how much all of this will come to! Thanks Dee_82 for that advice. The fact it had to be removed when the timing belt was replaced is a concern...although this was all also done at a Ford garage, I've got a thing where I won't let anyone else do such major work apart from Ford themselves. Who knows, maybe they did screw up but how would I go about proving that? Simcor, thanks for your suggestions. The bolts do look short in the pictures, but I never thought about that at the time. Do you have any examples of what it should look like? To be honest, the intercooler pipe was rattling off something for a week or so before this happened, but that was the only rattling I noticed. However, I did see a small wet patch on top of the rubber where the mount is, looked like oil. I didn't think anything of it, could this be a sign of failure? I have no idea how oil could have got there. TomsFocus, that's exactly what I was many problems does this engine have?? :| I hope this is the last of the problems with this car, as I really do love it! I'll be back with an update :)
  2. Just thought I'd ask if any other Focus owners have had this issue... Basically I was driving about 10-15mph over a those raised rumble strips within a town centre and stopped at traffic lights just after. The engine sounded like it was going to stall and as if I had a boy racer exhaust fitted. I pulled off the road (with some loud scraping and banging sounds), opened the bonnet, only to find the engine had collapsed on the passenger side! The screws are still in the engine mount, but the actual metal appears to have broke off from the engine block? - I'll post pictures later today). It's a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2010, with only 54K miles on the clock. Getting fed up now, had the timing belt changed at 30K as that was about to fail...should a car so young have such problems? Got towed to the local Ford garage and it's now waiting to be looked at tomorrow. Whilst in tow, again those scraping and loud banging noises were even more noticeable. I have no idea what damage this would have caused, or the cost to get it repaired...if it can be repaired at all! Has anyone experienced or heard of this happening?
  3. Where is MAP and Fuel Rail Sensor Mk2.5??

    Looks like I was sent the wrong harness for the Spider tuning box... Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  4. Where is MAP and Fuel Rail Sensor Mk2.5??

    Ahh ok, I had a look last night without removing the scuffle plate, but all I could see was the egr cooler but no sign of any connectors. Do you know which is the MAP sensor? I thought it might be this on the left of the blue cables...
  5. Where is MAP and Fuel Rail Sensor Mk2.5??

    Oh and I've looked at other pictures of the mk2.5 and they don't seem to have the blue cable and two connectors on the left?
  6. Hey, I was hoping someone could help show me where the MAP and fuel rail sensor is on a mk2.5 1.6 TDCI engine? I think I've located the MAP sensor, but have no idea where the fuel rail sensor is? I've attached a pic of my engine, I hope this helps!
  7. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    The FOC30 code now only takes £75 off the price. This is because they now supply a touch screen device with the tuning box. Is it worth paying £300 for this, or just stick with the mobile app and get it for the 30% off price?
  8. Drivers Seat Creaking

    I bet there are a lot of people who don't know this will be repaired for free! So Ford garages will just sort it, minimal questions asked?
  9. usb & music

    Hi vickb1987, I also have a Ford Focus Sport, mine is 2010. Sometimes the audio doesn't play, you have to skip the track then go back, or turn the radio off then back on after a few seconds. I think it's a bit buggy when using the latest iPhones etc, but it does work via USB only. I hope this helps? A.
  10. Zetec S Rear Diffuser Colour

    Thanks for the pictures, both look pretty good! I'm swaying more towards the darker grey, but it's interesting to see how the Moondust silver looks on the diffuser. Oh and yeah, I have a diesel too. It seems as though the twin exhausts is a must too...I'll add them to the list haha ;) How do they sound on a diesel though?
  11. Zetec S Rear Diffuser Colour

    Hmm, have you got any pictures? I'm really interested to see how that looks :)
  12. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew the colour code for the rear skirt of a Ford Focus Zetec S, with a Moondust Silver body? They seem to be darker than those fitted to the Zetec S in black or blue. I've recently bought the genuine Ford part to fit, but it comes in primer. Help and advice would be much appreciated! :)
  13. Drivers Seat Creaking

    How much is that costing though...if you don't mind me asking? :)
  14. Drivers Seat Creaking

    Ahh man, was hoping you'd have found a fix haha! Must be a common problem, the last Focus (mk2.5) also had squeaky seats :|
  15. Drivers Seat Creaking

    Keep us updated Trev! :)