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  1. Transit Awd Tyres

    My company van is a swb awd transit.Came as standard with road tyres.Our fleet department wont supply winter tyres because Ford have told them the transmission may be damaged using anything other than road tyres and may affect warranty.Is this correct or is someone talking !Removed!? Seems stupid having an awd van thats shod badly and is rubbish off road or in snow.
  2. Clutch Pedal Problems

    Hi,mine snapped off just like yours just before christmas and had to replace master cylinder and pedal box as there are some bushes that were worn and these were making the pushrod wear at a funny angle,cant buy the bushes seperatly though.one pedal box=£197.51 and one master cylinder=£60.77. add on vat+labour total came to £393.94. Ouch!!
  3. Clutch Slip

    Hi all, my mk 1 1800 tdi 90 bhp focus ghia has done 80,000 ish miles and now the clutch slips periodically.I have just had a new master cylinder fitted along with the pedal assembly.How long a job and what cost roughly for my local independant garage to supply and fit new clutch ?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums micki :)