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  1. Alloys

    i have 18s on mine and its lowered about 70 to 80mm
  2. brake upgrage

    cheers man the only reason i liked the idea of the st170 brakes is that they are 300mm discs as my focus has a set of 18s on it and the discs looked tiny behind them i was told that u needed to change the hubs also but i am totally new to this so i just wanted to see what my options are dont really wanna shell out a grand plus for brembro or any of those brakes i found a company that can supply the calipers for 250 but i wanted to check everything out befor i start spendin money and cheers for the reply
  3. brake upgrage

    hey all looking for some help here i am just wonderin if there is an upgrade front brake kit from ie maybe the st170 or rs and if they do do they take much work to get these to fit this is my first ford i am used to honda which were easy mods so any help is really helpfull so thanks in advance cheers
  4. new boy

    hey everyone just got my self a y plate 1.8 focus ill get some pics up when i take some am from central scotland just thought i would say hi and introduce my self