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  1. Hi Everyone, I bought a Focus 1.6 TDCI 05 reg, second hand about a year ago and its done 130k miles. Ive replaced the air filter and a complete oil change myself, but a few weeks ago I started having problems. I noticed a lack in engine power and a ticking noise, so I took it in to my garage and they said it was a faulty inhector seal (first injector) which they replaced and everything was fine again (albeit with a lot of oil under splattered everywhere on the engine). A week later I noticed a performance drop again and took it in, they replaced the intercooler pipe which had a split in it.... everything went fine again. A few weeks later and I had another power drop, now on taking it to a different garage I was informed that the 1.6 had major turbo problems, so I read up and scared myself in the process.The mechanic stated I had a bit of a leak still on inhector 1 and that maybe there was a slight breather pipe problem. Now Ive read that injectors leak ---> oil burns --> carbon build up and muck in breather pipe ---> expensive turbo failure which nobody wants to fix. What can I do to ensure that this doesnt happen? is there anything I can ask to be fixed? is there anything I can do such as more frequent oil changes? or even anything that I can keep my eye on. I dont have the money for a full engine transplant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Ian
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums d0gMa :)