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  1. Splitter / Spoiler For Titanium Fiesta

    Hey thanks for these links - unfortunately I was told that nothing would fit the standard bumper - I would have to change to the RS and then add a splitter! More googling came up with these - some of you guys may be able to use - I will probably buy a set and have a go when the warmer weather is with us!! http://www.madmotors.co.uk/bodykits-spoilers-14000/body-kits/ford/ford-fiesta/ford-fiesta-mk7/mm-universal-front-lip-canards-splitters.html All the best till then.
  2. Splitter / Spoiler For Titanium Fiesta

    Hey, thanks for that Nathan. The Mountunes is going a bit over budget and not sure I want that look - the Puma speed looks a contender and will contact to see if it could be made to fit the Titanium! I had a 206 GTi way back and put a splitter on as per the piccy - rather hoping there was something similar these days!! It looks like I may be heading for a bit of a dead end! But many thanks for reply. Kind Regards Tony
  3. Hi there Does anyone know of a lower lip spoiler / splitter that fits on a Fiesta Titanium model 2011 - everyone tells me I should have bought a Zetec / ST. I don't want to replace the whole front of the car !!! - just screw on an extension lip. Thanks Tony
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Dark Fader :)