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  1. Fiesta Roof Rack????????????

    hey dose anyone know what type of roof rack i should buy to fit a fiesta van s reg (98) ? is it the gutter type of fixed im confused ??? cheers Ad.
  2. Fiesta Locks And Keys

    just bought my first car the other day (fiesta van 1.8D 1998) seems like a nice wee work horse only done 70,000 genuine miles. the problem with it is the !Removed! keys / locks ! ive got 3 worn out keys, one for the ignition wich works fine, 1 for boot that needs a jiggle to open and 1 for the doors that only locks and wont unlock them ! anyone know where i can get 3 new locks / keys cheap on the net ? cheers Ad.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums adamchook :)