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  1. Balanced at sts and kwick git
  2. So is the only thing it can be is a balancing issue ? I have been told that the alloys could be faulty? It also feels like the peddles shake left To right at the same time
  3. Been done 2 times
  4. Tracking was fine - they did add some weights - I will try swapping - thanks
  5. Just had the tracking, wheel balanced, and. Replaced some tyres and I have still got a wobble - any surgestion please driving me mad (sorry bad pun)
  6. I have just purchased a 57 reg - 1.6 ghia focus and I'm wondering what engine it has as there is no engine cover - and where would I get one from? Sorry another newbie
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Wobbles101 :)

    1. Wobbles101


      Thank you - feels nice to be back in a ford