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  1. Hi dja55 Thanks for your comments, very interesting.... It sounds as you say the engine could do with an extra gear - then it may be able to get closer to its claimed mpg figures? Rattles (and the hassle of getting them fixed) really spoil a new car, I hope you get it resolved quickly. Did you manage to test drive the 1.6 TDCI before you bought? Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Inked - I thought it would be a bit lower than 2000 rpm. It seems top is geared a bit short. Driving carefully I'm getting 52 - 55 mpg average in my Focus (10k on the clock). Not sure if switching would really save that much in fuel?
  3. Hi All, I’m looking to possibly change my 08 Focus Estate - as I’m doing more miles, and don’t need such a big car now - for a new 5 door 1.6 TDCI Titanium Fiesta. I have contacted 4 or 5 main dealers about a test drive - all of whom have been unable to forfil my request. All have said there are no 1.6 diesels available for test drives (“But you can try a 1.25 petrol Sir…..”). Surely Ford must have some at a central location somewhere? Has anybody else had this problem? As I haven’t been able to experience the engine myself I would be grateful if any 1.6 TDCI owners could answer a couple of general questions. Firstly my daily commute (30 miles each way) is 50 - 60 mph on A roads - what rpm does the engine do in top gear at this kind of speed? Secondly I know the fuel tank is approximately 45 litres - what is the most litres you’ve been able to refill, and what sort of range are you getting on a full tank? And just finally - has anybody managed to get a discount? Thanks in advance Chris