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  1. Another Newbie

    Yeah I was just going to put a red trim on them, but then I thought of the idea of getting red flakes, I does look good :D
  2. Another Newbie

    Bit of a late reply, but we just made her look all shiny and new again :) T-Cut didn't do the trick unfortunately, the fade was so bad :( So my boyfriend very happily brought a machine buffer and some strong compound and made it bright red and shiny again. The only issue is I have lack of money to do anything else aha, so all the other modifications, MOT and insurance may have to wait or be done very slowly :P Although I am having some alloys done at the moment, the colour of the car is going to be red and white.
  3. Another Newbie

    Having not actually passed my test yet, I wanted to learn more about Ford, as I have recently bought a MK3 Base model Fiesta and my boyfriend has two Escorts (: Plus his conversations really baffle me, so I want to learn more so I don't seem so silly and I have to say he is getting me into cars, even to the point where I am starting my first car project, only added stickers mind you :P When I brought my Fiesta I instantly fell in love, after all it's small and only cost £145, the only thing wrong with her is that there is a slight hole in the sill and has slight fade, but it is red and was sat for 2 years!
  4. Can't wait to pass my test and drive my what seems like, a death trap :)

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Rhiannon_phylissfiesta :)