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  1. Happy Birthday danfocuszetec!

  2. nope never found the problem! just got rid of the car instead.
  3. really mine was where i said it was wierd urs in is a different place.
  4. i had the same problem with my focus but i never got it fixed couldnt work out what it was its someone else's problem now lol, the module is in the drivers footwell its a black box its on the right it has 2 plugs going into the bottem of it.
  5. welcome mate
  6. welcome mate
  7. welcome mate
  8. welcome mate, what plans you got for the focus? :)
  9. welcome mate
  10. oh right fair enough, probs worse in the morning because of condensation aswel, take it to the garage and see what they say.
  11. welcome mate
  12. is this the first time you noticed it? would of just thought cause its cold mate.
  13. and water getting into your cylinders if it still does it when its warmed up. have you noticed any water lose?
  14. welcome mate. put some pictures up of your car