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  1. Has anyone got any good tips on drying out the Carpet/Underlay once you have/hopefully have stopped a leak into the passenger side footwells.?
  2. I have been told by a local mechanic that the water was coming in from a section to the right of the fuse box near where all the wires run through to the engine but was right up high and out of site that wasn't sealed properly.. I hope this solves my issues and helps anyone else with the same problem.
  3. Hi I cant see any water coming through the windscreen when testing is it seems to be coming up from under the carpet (I put a mat on top and it is getting wet from underneath) are there any other possibilities or could it still be related to the water in the door? Vicky
  4. Hi Preee, Thanks for the advice, could the water in the door find its way to the passenger footwell or do you think I have two seperate issues?
  5. The carpet in the passenger footwell is soaking wet (I had an issue with water in the passenger door but that has been sorted by unblocking the holes along the seal at the bottom) but now the carpet is soaking wet near where the seat is but dry at the back around the console any advice would be gratefull. I found out on the way home that water has started to collect in the door again, and that carpet is wetter could the to be linked ? I have released the water from the door again and am thinking maybe there should be another drain hole in the door at the frount?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums VICKYH :)