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  1. @JefreyH True. These Chinese moves always seem like wishful thinking from Sabatini, though. Like China's a calcio equivalent of WeBuyAnyCar

  2. If manners maketh Zeman, it must have been easy for him to stay calm after being sacked http://t.co/cm9WmEGT #asroma #Zeman

  3. Hi, Four years ago I had to buy a new catalytic converter for my Focus. I've just been told I need yet another one. What could be wrong with it? It can't be normal to have to replace the catalytic converter every four years, can it? The car is only 8 years old and has done 90k. After getting the new one fitted four years ago I continued to have problems with the engine warning light being on. The garage said they didn't know what was wrong with it and basically shrugged it off. This was a garage approved by the Office for Fair Trading, not a totally dodgy one. I'd be grateful for any advice. I don't want to replace another catalytic converter if it will just go again in a couple of years. Is there likely to be an underlying problem, or could the garage have botched the installation of the last one? Thanks. DB
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Damian_B :)

  5. Roma 1-1 Inter: a post-mortem for those who can't wait for the Coppa reunion http://t.co/TgoMbPPn #asroma