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  1. Diesel Or Hot Oil Smell :(

    Forgot to add, had the egr valve replaced aswell as the car was running like it had no turbo for two weeks after the injector seals were replaced
  2. Diesel Or Hot Oil Smell :(

    Hey everyone, done a few searches through this forum and through google to try and find out what's up with my fez. Its a 2008 1.4 TDCI zetec climate with 74k on the clock. Having looked at all the previous threads I came to the conclusion that it was my injector seals and had them replaced back in April, I'm still smelling diesel in the cabin and I'm not sure what else to do!
  3. Hey Everyone! =]

    Thanks everyone! :)
  4. Hey Everyone! =]

    Thanks for the replies! :) Can't wait to pick her up! Looking to do a decent road trip again this summer. managed glasgow to plymouth on one tank of fuel in the grande, Will be interesting to see what the derv can do :D
  5. Hey Everyone! =]

    Hey Everyone! :) I'm Robbie and i'm now the proud owner of a 2008 Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4 TDCi. Wrote my previous car (Grande Punto) off on the 19th of this month and after a lot of hassle everything is finally sorted out. Here's the remains of felicity :c and here's CJ the new car :D I'll get some more pictures when i collect the car on friday! Byeeeee ^^
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums rahraftw :)