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  1. true... but I have all the new bits I need to install .... just cant get in .... if the cable has a snapped pin or something ... surely no amount of pushing will open it anyways ? weather is turning tomorrow night and I really need some screenwash in there lol was even considering the leaving the lock part out... the car is very old now and wouldnt really bother me to be honest.... a real crazy situation. Thanks for the link - Ive watched that recently - seems quite straight forward.
  2. Rio.... Hmmmm played everyone for a fool. Fergy wins.

  3. hi guys before christmas I managed to open bonnet.....think by sheer luck than anything...bonnet would pop on left turn but wouldnt quite release on right turn.... anyways washer fluid empty and now cant get in at all....nothing happens on both turns! so ive bought a new mechanism and catch ....but cant really get to garage...dont have driveway etc for the sake of getting in today can I just break bit of grill to get in temporarily....ebay have grill for £20 or so at least i can check oil and fluid.....cant really get access to car underneath. Can i deffo get in by pulling the grill? then matching up the new barrel to my key is another task!
  4. @UnrealEngine : having trouble downloading 4.4.3 - patch error after constant dropping ... issues? Thanks

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums conuk :)