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  1. Omfg. Possibly the worst yet ....

  2. Uh oh, Fiona only had 3hrs sleep, watch out world...

  3. wishes people could actually do what they are meant to be doing right to make my life a little less difficult and stressful...

  4. Feeling slightly less puffy today...

  5. Morning world... not convinced about getting up at 3.30am...

  6. now quite sure this is a shellfish allergy... any ideas how long the symptoms last?!

  7. Too early to be up on a day off... Meh, don't feel well

  8. had a lovely evening out and made a very important discovery, that I can't stand oysters!

  9. holiday booked- only 20 sleeps to go :o) I <3 my lovely boyfriend for booking it :)

  10. Nope, not convinced....

  11. Omg- Titsa website= joke!!!

  12. 2 days off :o) yay!

  13. too early... roll on 2days off...

  14. Ah, sea, sun and a pint... now that's more like it!