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  1. well i changed my EGR and still going into limp mode ... am gunna blank it off and see what happens ... gunna change a boost hose i taped up cuz of a little hole ... chgeers
  2. yeh checked the wiring under the rear seats are fine ..... ive got power on the passenger side ... not just on the driver side ??/
  3. hi ive been very busy today .. changed my rear speed sensor and hub . to find out . that . its not the sensor ... its the wiring .... there no power at all going into the driver side ABS Loom . but 11v going into the passenger side .... ???? any ideas ????? the only bit of power its getting is 0.05v ??? Cheers
  4. ive had it on a reader .and the egr is the only thing comming up . got 1 comming tomorrow to try ..... still gunna blank it anyway .. cheers
  5. search ebay with what i ave wrote ..
  6. im gunna blank it ... cheers
  7. 6500k 55w headlight bulbs ... very good . got a set comming for my mk3 mondeo ..
  8. its the EGR Valve got code p0405 ....
  9. the maf has been changed .. and the egr pipe has been changed
  10. hi just brought a mk3 tdci euro 4 engine 55 plate mondeo the problem is really wierd if u drive it hard after 3000rpm it will go into limp mode ... but if driven sensibly it will go all the way round the rev range ???? when i brought it the guy said it has had a second hand turbo actuator on it . as the old 1 failed .. . and he was told sometimes they need recoding ??? is this true ?? or not ??? also today i unplugged the MAF Sensor ( airflow meter ) and the car didnt run no different ..... but im sure it should of ran lumpy and smokey with out that connected ?????but the engine management light did come on ??? but went off when reconnected MAF Sensor . it starts first time in a morning . no smoke from cold when started . and no smoke when driving .... engine is a little knocky but put that down to a diesel knock the things i have tried is Clean EGR Valve Unplug MAF Sensor ( Changed MAF Sensor as it brought code p0100 up ) Changed Boost Pipe As it was split Changed Airfilter As it was black .... checked for a power feed to MAF - All Workin Fine What else could it be ???? its got 148k on clock .... Im still getting 40mpg combined ....which i think is good ???? and around 35mpg round town .....
  11. hi my names john im 23 and drive a mk3 tdci 130bhp mondeo .. from nottingham
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums MondeoLAD :)