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  1. One last thing... Remapping... on turbo diesel it seems to always help with the fuel efficiency? Is that the case with these engines as well?
  2. Morning All - amazing response, what a great forum! OK, so I'm a little less worried (thanks @Loz Cheung especially) and to be honest, I love driving it and the extras that they "threw-in" would make it hard to give back anyway.... although i'm not sure id even have the choice to give it back. So I'll take it all in and see how I get on over the next few months.
  3. Wow - MPG envy right here . So this is 180PS engine? I would be happy with 40. I've just switched from a 2l Mondeo (auto) which done 34! I was expecting to get a lot more than 32.
  4. Thanks guys.. having read this; "Average fuel consumption is worked out through a series of tests. Urban fuel consumption is established through tests that emulate driving in urban environments, with an average speed of 19mph. Extra urban tests look at fuel consumption at higher speeds averaging 39mph, and the average of these figures gives the combined fuel consumption figure." And this; Combined (mpg) 47.9, Extra Urban (mpg) 57.7, Urban (mpg) 37.2 My average speed at the moment is 23, so I should be hovering around the 37 - 40 mark. So I hope it just takes a while to bed-in. So far I've done 200 miles and I would say they are 50 /50 split between motorway and city driving - Thanks.
  5. Where's my juice going?

  6. Hi All - Totally new to the forums, first time posting. I've just purchased a new Zetec-S 180 Eco Boost. The book said it would do 57 MPG combined. I took this with a pinch of salt and expected 40 ish. I'm absolutely gutted to find it's just scraping 32! I'm driving it like a granny. I'm really worried to the point where i'm looking into my right to return the vehicle. It's my first new car, is it common that maybe it'll take a while to run-in before achieving better MPG? Anybody else here have one? Thanks - Dave
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums DavyNix :)

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      Hey thanks - have posted my first thread! ;)