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  1. Thanks...will check that, but my engine seems to be stable when the car is igling. but i will take it in for checks.
  2. Hi anjum...ive checked it and everything still in conduct. If it was an exhaust it was going to make noise when driving on an uneven road, but nothing..it only happens when i pull off.
  3. Hi Mates I am getting a hard nocking sound underneath the car when i pull off hard. It feels like there is a metal hitting the base of the car. I checked the CV joints and they are a bit worn out, i am changing them next week. But now what suprises me is that when the traction is off, it doesnt make that sound when i pull off hard. Any Ideas please!!!
  4. Hi Guys Yesterday i was fitting my new dvd stereo on my focus SI. I just saw a small spark when trying to connect it, then i could not get the power anymore. I think my fuse is blown but i've tried checking for the fuse and i couldn't find it. So can any1 please help in identifying the fuse so that i can replace it. I need to know which fuse is it linked to ? since there is specific audio fuse. Thanx
  5. Hi all My focus 2006 2.0L is making my floor black when starting. But wen idling i dnt see black smoke. Even when i rev it i still don't see anything. What possibillity can be causing this.
  6. I will go with White metal...black is easily scretched especially when washing ur car..it is too sensitive but beautiful as well.
  7. Hi P0091 code: Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Control Circuit Low .
  8. i have 2.0L SI, the consuption wen cruising is rediculous...It is better on the long trips. But wat i like on it is the power. Pushing 107kw @6000rpm standard. I have changed the pipe with downpipe and now im on 112kw on the wheels. And it sound nice...
  9. There are no marks at all sir...you should have locked it before you take the belt out.
  10. I prefer digital one as it tells you how long you can stil drive...
  11. With your alloys on, you will need the spacer..or else your wheel will vibrate all the way.
  12. Thanks Dezwez
  13. Nice fiesta Robbie...i drove that kinda fiesta for a month after my car had power steering issues. It was a courtesy car...it drive perfect and it is a bullet. Take gud care boss
  14. Hi Guys My ford focus 2.0 Si 2006 model is making a strange sound on the rear wheel when i clock 140km/h. It doesn't sound like wheel balancing as the noise is constant.
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Jujuza :)

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      Thanx steve...