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  1. Alternator woes?

    Well I did manage to replace my alternator this morning. Not the easiest of jobs but certainly doable within a few hours. Funnily enough the old one seemed to be fine yesterday though still a little noisy, but from past experience, these things rarely sort themselves out for the long term. It's usually only a matter of time before the problems come back. I use the Mersey tunnels for work and having my alternator bringing the centre of Liverpool to a standstill when it fails in the tunnel isn't high on my list of things to do!
  2. Alternator woes?

    Yeah it was easier, there was just less to them though I wouldn't want to go back to it if I'm honest, my Escort was a very basic model, not even power steering or air con. I've just been reading the Haynes manual on alternator replacement and while they can be useful, they often seem to have you removing parts that don't really need to be removed.
  3. Alternator woes?

    My alternator also seems to be making a whining sound, started yesterday, its quite subtle and one of those noises that I can't decide if its always been there but I haven't noticed it. The car has just done 90k. Then I noticed some funny voltages, 10.9v at one stage with the engine running and the lights and heating on (windscreen, supplementary heater etc.). Normally its around 13.5 - 14v. The voltage readout is from a USB socket I installed that probably isn't the most reliable way of measuring the voltage but for the most part it has seemed to be accurate. I've just checked out replacing the alternator, seems like a right pig of a job as access is limited, I did it on my escort in 1999 and it was really straight forward. After reading this thread I'm thinking I want it changed though to avoid future problems.
  4. mk2 xenons question

    It is possible but you need to change the motors using a donor halogen set and make a couple of changes to the connector, so being handy with a soldering iron helps. And yes unfortunately there are implications with the dreaded insurance that you need to be aware of and also legal issues.
  5. Depends on the Audio unit. Mine is a travel pilot and I updated the firmware via the USB socket.
  6. how to clean a dirty car interior??

    I did a wet vac clean on my previous MK2.5 using a vax ultra rapide 2 which was primarily bought for the house. It was worth it as the waste water was filthy, I need to do the same to my current mk2.5. A good cleaner will extract most of the water, though it is best to avoid over wetting in the first place. Definitely a job for a hot sunny day, dries in no time then!
  7. This is the second MK2.5 1.6TDCI I have had since April 2015 and so far been good. The previous 2008 MK2.5 1.6TDCI wasn't so good. The sensor in the ABS pump failed at 55K costing nearly £500 for replacement. Then at 80K I was suffering random power loss with 6 fault codes each time. Then I found the classic injector seal leak and as I was days away from doing a 1200 mile round trip for which I obviously needed a reliable car, I traded it in for the current 11 plate. This one is a higher spec and has the heated windscreen which was missing on the previous Style so no bad thing in the end.
  8. Coming upto 56k. 2011 1.6 tdci
  9. High mileage 1.6 tdci owners..

    All sounds promising then . Have blanked off the EGR and just fitted an oil catch tank. Along with the 6k service intervals I hope my mk2.5 will have a long life. It's a great car when everything is working and I hope to hold onto it a good few years yet.
  10. I did have a similar problem with my MK1.5 Focus and realised I had managed to blow the converter box, it was connected with a jack plug that while unplugged shorted to something. I just had to replace it.
  11. death of the diesel

    Give it a few years and some bunch of busy bodies will discover some gas being kicked out by the latest turbo petrol engines is killing thousands of people.
  12. There is a notch where you insert a screwdriver, this is the same notch that you would use to remove the plastic cover. There is a metal clip that you press a small flat blade screw driver against and the gently prise the whole unit out. You can then access the bulb holders from behind the unit. See the pics below. Insert screwdriver and press in metal clip: Showing the metal retaining clip:
  13. Silver Car - many near misses

    A lot of the time it seems to be that people are too busy fiddling around with their phone or Sat nav rather than concentrating on driving.
  14. Just waxed her

    Very nice, just waiting around a month or so and will give mine the full spring clay and wax treatment. Though this time I will get a decent claybar instead of the plasticine rubbish from Ebay last year.
  15. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Hoping this will help. I bought a pair of genuine HID Xenon headlights from a scrapped Focus ST for my MK2.5. The headlight connector is the same but if your car was not factory fitted with HID headlamps, you will need to change the levelling motors as they are different. The HID levelling motors that are used with auto levelling have 4 wires, the manual motors have 3 wires. First thing is to obtain a pair of manual motors and the white 3 pin connectors from donor headlights. They don't necessarily have to be from a Focus, I know the MK1 KA appeared to use the same motors for a start. Then the motors need to be removed from the HID headlights and the 4 connection wires cut. I taped the wires up and kept the motors so they could be reinstalled later if required. Then it is necessary the wire the motors to the connector on the back of the headlight. This can be prised out with a flat blade screwdriver. In addition, pin 6 & 8 need to be connected to provide a ground to the HID ballast. The pin numbers can be seen on the connector. The diagram below shows the connections: The 3 pin motor plug for the manual motor is shown below. The connection numbers can just be seen on the plug but are tiny. And finally is a pic of the headlamp cluster connector prised out of the headlamp body with the connections. It's not easy to photograph due to the wiring.