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  1. Just waxed her

    Very nice, just waiting around a month or so and will give mine the full spring clay and wax treatment.  Though this time I will get a decent claybar instead of the plasticine rubbish from Ebay last year.
  2. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Hoping this will help. I bought a pair of genuine HID Xenon headlights from a scrapped Focus ST for my MK2.5. The headlight connector is the same but if your car was not factory fitted with HID headlamps, you will need to change the levelling motors as they are different. The HID levelling motors that are used with auto levelling have 4 wires, the manual motors have 3 wires. First thing is to obtain a pair of manual motors and the white 3 pin connectors from donor headlights. They don't necessarily have to be from  a Focus, I know the MK1 KA appeared to use the same motors for a start. Then the motors need to be removed from the HID headlights and the 4 connection wires cut. I taped the wires up and kept the motors so they could be reinstalled later if required. Then it is necessary the wire the motors to the connector on the back of the headlight. This can be prised out with a flat blade screwdriver. In addition, pin 6 & 8 need to be connected to provide a ground to the HID ballast. The pin numbers can be seen on the connector. The diagram below shows the connections: The 3 pin motor plug for the manual motor is shown below. The connection numbers can just be seen on the plug but are tiny.   And finally is a pic of the headlamp cluster connector prised out of the headlamp body with the connections. It's not easy to photograph due to the wiring.
  3. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    My connector is 10 pin but they weren't all connected. It's 5 years since I did it so I will have a quick look in the morning, the main modification was the motor wiring and I had to change one of the other connections as well.
  4. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    I've done it on my MK2.5. Had to also swap the motors as they are a different type for manual levelling. You can remove them from your current halogen units though I just got myself another couple of motors cheaply enough so I could leave original halogen set alone.  Makes it easy to reinstall the halogen lights if required.
  5. 2008 Focus Headlight Replacement

    If I remember correctly when you reinstall the motor, you have to ensure the ball of the motor is correctly located in the reflector socket, otherwise the reflector is free to flap up and down.
  6. Heating Recommendations?

    I had one of the electric heaters that works from the accessory socket and I'm afraid they are useless, just produce a lot of noise and almost no heat.
  7. Finally got mine working. The stumbling block was enabling cruise control in the PCM. The problem was a bad ELM327 lead followed by another bad lead. A good one finally arrived today. Was quite straight forward for using the latest version of ELMconfig - Version 0.2.17b. The only thing that wasn't obvious was that it is necessary to obtain the PCM firmware from the information page of the PCM section and then select it from the drop down list on the 'Configuration' page. It only took a few seconds to read and then re-program the PCM.
  8. What Dash Cam.

    What a truly incompetent driver in that car park. It's not even as though there is limited space to manoeuvre.
  9. What Dash Cam.

    I also have a Mobious cam and liked it so much I bought another for the rear window. They are a few years old now but still do the job. It has no screen which may not suite some people but suites me as it means the camera is really small and discrete. And once its set up you tend to almost forget its there. I prefer it not to be too obvious to potential thieves.
  10. Engine Systems Fault Dpf Fluid Too Low.

    It's recommended that it is topped up every 37k miles.
  11. Winter Ford Magic!!!!!

    This is my 1st winter with the PTC supplementary heater, my previous Focus, a 1.6 TDCI Style did not have the supplementary heater so took a ages to heat up. Also good to have the quick clear windscreen again, my 1st Focus had one, the Style didn't but this does, it was the one thing I really missed! :) .
  12. Fitted the new steering wheel and enabled CC in the GEM and the HEC. The buttons test works but no cruise control. Looks like I need to flash the PCM. Just got the latest ELM config software as the version I had did not support PCM configuration. I tried reading from the PCM yesterday but kept getting errors, the ODB lead I have has always been temperamental so have ordered another. Must say I am really really nervous about flashing the PCM, I have flashed loads of phones and MP3 players over the years, but this is different.
  13. Steering Wheel - What Have I Been Sent?

    It's looking like that's what I'm going to have to do, I have given them the opportunity to refund me when I send it back but all they want to do is argue!
  14. Steering Wheel - What Have I Been Sent?

    Well it now seems that this Ebay seller is being difficult and insisting the steering wheel for a Cmax is the same as a Focus rather than allowing me to send it back for a refund. Lets see what happens.
  15. Steering Wheel - What Have I Been Sent?

    Thanks for replying, I will speak to the seller about returning it and get a Focus steering wheel. It's just annoying that the seller didn't describe it correctly.