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  1. Ok mate sounds great cheers :D Ok I will wait for you to let me know.
  2. Well I will keep trying and I will try all the Ford groups on FB too. If you have some odd and sods to get rid of how much do you want for them and what do you have?
  3. Just trying to see if I can get the trim off a Mk3 thats being broken, providing its better than what I already have, otherwise its going to have to be the reels off Ebay. This trim is becoming a thorn in my side after having the respray lol
  4. I have found this one on ebay I am guessing I need to prise out the exiting chrome so I can stick this one in its place. There are a few other cheaper options but not in the roll length as they seem to be 2 metre lengths and I need 3 metres just for the rear bumper.
  5. Cheers for that Tony, I have been looking on Ebay today and there are a few options. As you say its getting the size right. I have seen there are rolls you can buy that are self adhesive and I guess stick over the top of what is already there, just worried that they might stick out and look like obvious stick ons. The two front doors the trim is lifting out of the runner so I guess it might be easier to glue them in?
  6. Hi, I have a 1992 Granada Scorpio. I need to go about replacing the exterior chrome trim inserts on the bumpers as the chrome is all peppered, and the inserts on the doors as they are too peppered, the laquer is peeling off and on both front doors the trim is coming out of the clips. Can anyone advise whats the best way to replace them, can I get hold of any and how do I get the trim out to replace it. I have a couple of photos which I will post up later when I get home of the car and close up of the trim. Any advice will be appreciated. I have recently had a new paint job and this trim is letting the rest of the car down. Cheers, Terry.
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