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  1. Ok thank you lottysvdub I think I've been drawn in to a state of panic after reading from the horror stories on the web. I do very high mileage so I have good reason to panic! Although I have to point out that although the engine is made by Peugeot, Citroen, the parts attached to it are not. I don't want to scare anyone else who has one of these cars, so I'll keep my mouth shut now.
  2. Hello there, Been crawling round the internet for the last few days as have noticed what I thought was oil on the top of the rocker cover, I tried to wipe it away to find out where exactly it was coming from, but it was solid and black and shiny. I have now found out that it is a seal for the 3rd injector (the one 3 away from the transmission) that has gone and the black shiny stuff is a carbon build up, the start of bigger and badder problems, this affects the oil ways in the engine and will affect the turbo by restricting oil flow to it and thus killing it! I have seen posts from several people and mechanics that have owned one and have serviced it far beyond the regular intervals and used the correct oil etc who are getting the problems too! Ford recognise that there is a problem but will not compensate anyone, they should of recalled all the 1.6 tdci units but because there are so many out there and they're earning a tidy profit from them in todays high priced fuel climate. Other parts ie the air hose from the air box to the turbo which has a smaller pipe coming off which goes into the head has plastic clips which are very prone to breaking and if you need a new one from Fords it is £95 + VAT, just show you that Ford are only after money on this unit! I am now either going for a 2.0 unit or never buying a Ford again!!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums JonnyRotten :)