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  1. looks like it was bad connection somewhere i removed the battery, unpluged the two plug in the fusebox next to the battery checked thw wires inside it, unpluged the connector block at the back by the airbox and unpluged the rad fan resistor refitted everthing and all works as it should hopefully this will help someone with the same problem
  2. hi thanks for your reply will have a look at that tomorrow
  3. Hi im new to this hopefully someone can help me out i have 2001 2.0tddi mondeo i start the car up from cold with in 20sec the twin rad fans are running, they run for a bit then stop then start up again. ive checked all the fuses and relays i also fitted a temp sender in the head thinking i was sending the wrong info the the ecu, ive turned the heater control off the screen and and turned the blowers off i have got hot air coming from the heater and there is water on the max line of the coolant system has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it thanks mike
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums deadmantalking :)