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  1. Help =!!

    yh i got 3 months warranty
  2. Help =!!

    Yh brought it from a used car dealership on tuesday, yh when i reved it the smoke started to come out of the engine and now it wont even start up.
  3. Help =!!

    i brought it from a garage, yh smoke coming from the hood of the car when i rev'ed it
  4. Help =!!

    can anyone help me??
  5. Help =!!

    I recently brought a Ford focus Ghia 1.6 2006 model. I havent driven it for 2 days, and today i started my car to make sure the battery does't die. As soon as i started to rev the car white smoke appeared from the bonnet and ignition, oil pressure and check engine lights started to flash. I checked the oil pressure it looking kinda dry. when i try to start the car again it didnt start up it kept on making a "ch-ch-ch" sound. I was wondering if someone can help me?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Giester :)