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  1. Focus doors wont open!!

    Thank you I had been told it could be that and i needed a second opinion, thanks very much let you know how i get on! Kind regards Hayley x
  2. Focus doors wont open!!

    Theres a separate button on the fob that opens the boot so i know its the correct button for double locking. If i try to open the doors from the inside nothing happens, the handles just pull outwards not unlocking the doors or anything. Regards Hayley
  3. Focus doors wont open!!

    I hope someone can help me I'm desperate and at a loose end!! About 2 months ago i went to my car pressed the unlock button on the fob and only the drivers door opened. It has been the same ever since. I can open the passenger door manually with the key but my back doors will not open at all and if i try to double lock my car the boot opens. Please please please can someone help me because i cant afford to be ripped off by an auto electrician so i would like to go to one with ideas as to what it could be myself??? Plus I've got an MOT coming up soon and i would really like to have it sorted by then. Hoping someone can help me! Thanks Hayley x