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  1. The long and short of the test was that it took quater of a mile to pass a morrisons wagon earlier safe to say it was the drive of my life-_-
  2. Gutless heap of !Removed!
  3. Spiffing got a driver assesment today basically some !Removed! is goi going to sit and tell me how many mpgs I have wasted then he will tell me that I could slow down sooner etc.
  4. I was looking at the new tab s 2 and after reading into it the battery life is terrible at 6 hours ish for the bigger one on video I'm really tempted to just get an ipad air 2 mainly for the solid battery life.
  5. It will be ragged hard got to get it home Friday from up stafford I will be testing it's limiter out 62 on the motorway how thrilling.
  6. It's looking like a vauxhall. Slight redemption it's brand new.
  7. Worst fears were confirmed on the way in last night it will either be a vauxhall or a nice showroom fresh transit custom what's the betting that me and the other bloke from Tiverton way on end up with the battered vauxhalls seeing as we are going to be doing the most mileage
  8. Just as things are moving along nicely took the ginger for MOT got through everything alright then we had a look at the back side press the brake he said this isn't bad for an 11 year old he said and in that second the nearside rear brake pipe decided to unleash a majority of the brake fluid across the garage and up against the wall you couldn't make it up.
  9. We have been hacked.........
  10. Okay:lol:
  11. Here Mr b you work for said telecommunications company? Is the training still yarnfield?
  12. You never know I might like it.
  13. As long as it starts then stops and everything in between I think I can live with it after all I didn't buy it:lol:
  14. I saw a cheeky sod flying down the a30 in a fiesta zs van with openreach plastered on it let's hope he's off.
  15. Cherry picker sounds like a decent ride right now, what occurred to me and it's worse than the fact that I will ruin my gentleman sausage is the fact that I'm probably about to get a sodding Vauxhall van>_>